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2020 Training Sign up

**** We don’t have set training days anymore reservation only****
We have a couple of options for everyone to get proper schooling/training in.
1. Reserver a 4hr private group session . (3-8 riders)
   Price $65-$90
2. Give us information (bike size, age, how long riding for) we find you a training group that will best suit you. Class will be 3hr training 1 hr free ride.
Price $60 ( Best price in all of Canada)
3. Random school/training day, We do have the odd day that’s open to all these are very few and far between. To catch one of these you must follow us on facebook and instagram

* All members must pay in full up front. Please contact for questions on payment and signup.

 Please contact Jay Thompson 
Phone: 519-381-5790

*PLEASE NOTE CAMPERS*: We have closed our lodge permanently and we will not be supplying lodging and food for the schools. We have nearby hotels and camp grounds for those who need hook up.