MINI Thunder info


Mini Thunder Info: REGISTRATION FOR MINI THUNDER WILL OPEN MARCH 16. Do not show up to track expecting a membership if you have not signed up through email. 

Mini thunder is 110% for fun!! These are practices although we do have great drops, keep score, have all the flags and a banquet at the end of the season. I assure it’s a PRACTICE. Please remember that. Keep fun and safety in mind and enjoy Tuesday/Wednesday afternoons at the track. 

Is Mini Thunder for you?

Mini thunder is for everyone. It’s great for advanced riders who get to practice starts and passing, great for the beginners just starting out on easy fun track. Even better for us older guys 20+ who get to have some fun battling on the track with long time buddies or random riders at the track. ***PLEASE DO NOT SHOW UP TO TRACK IF YOU HAVE NOT PURCHASED A MEMBERSHIP***


Membership for all riders :$80


Training wheel rider $10

You can sign up for multiple classes if have the proper bikes to ride them.

1st class $20 / 2nd class $15 


Race class choices


65    Advanced 

85   Advanced (Honda 150R can go in this class) 

70-110     Advanced 

120-150 Beginner

120-150    Advanced 

Big Bike. A,B,C   (125-250f)  



50 Training Wheels (Smaller track less laps) 

50 Beginner.

50   Advanced (KTM, Cobras) 

70-110  Beginner  

65  Beginner (2 stroke race bikes). 

85  Beginner


* Confirmation of every riders class choice will be confirmed after first two practices. Nothing is 100 % determined until then* 

Please Email for mini thunder race program. If you’re interested in just training, please visit the “training 2022″ page and contact information.