School Info

Motocross Training School

Basic information for our riders attending Mxschools:

Whether you are attending monthly training, weekly or daily, here is some basic information that you should know prior to attending:

We no longer provide lodging in our facility for overnighters or  provide meals. This must be provided by you as we can no longer be a full service program.



Check List:

Things to bring:

  •  Bike
  •  Gear
  • Tools
  • Gas
  • Meals/snacks
  • Athletic gear


If any maintenance is needed on the riders bike while attending training, our instructors will be happy to assist as best as possible.

At Mxschools, we hold a strict no tolerance policy on bullying. If any of this is witnessed by our Instructors, the rider will be asked to leave immediately. We have a diverse group of riders that attend our program of all experience levels and we ask that everyone respects each other.

If you have any questions please email Jay at Thank you.